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You can experience the true wonders of the city of London by checking out the most of the tourist attractions and staying at the finest hotels. There are a plethora of places where you can visit and there are plenty of things you can do when you are in the city. One part of the city that is renowned for its many shopping destinations and lies in the central and west part of the city is Kensington. It is the best place where you can find your hotels.

One can visit Lord Venkateswara Swamy by taking steps to his temple or in the cab itself. Lord sits on seventh hill and so called Seven Hills Lord. On the hills there are lot of spain tourist attractions including water falls and wild life. Tirupati is a perfect spiritual tourist attraction. The hilly area where the abode is placed is called Tirumala.

The best way to discover its specialties is to spend some time with locals. They will help you get familiar with different things. You can know about famous tourist destinations, night bars and clubs, restaurants, events and festivals. The Farmers Market is one of the best places to visit in LA. It’s a great place to watch localities and their culture and tradition. The best part is that you may meet your favorite celebrity too. The place is so famous that you never know when you just find celebrities in front of you. Yes, it’s hard to believe but is true.

Khajuraho Temples – The Khajuraho Temples are among the best treasures of India. They are the sole proof that Kama Sutra originated in India. The temples were made in devotion to sex and sexuality. These are reflected in the temples’ erotic structures which are recognized by Hindu and Tantric practitioners. The Khajuraho Temples are among the few unique temples in the world today.

Mainau is a real paradise with its warm climate and lush flora. The Germans call it the “Island of Flowers”. Big rolefor the glory of Mainau plays Fyurst Nikolaus von Esterhazy, who as owner of the island and a connoisseur of exotic flora, experimented and planted many tropical plants, including palms and flowers. Over the years the owners of the island were many different counts, kings, dukes… and they all manage to keep the wealth of Mainau, adding new types of plants. Today if you visit the island several times during the warm seasons, each time you will see the island different and blooming. You can also visit there the castle, built by the owners and the church of St. Marywith its amazing garden.

Every Saturday through out the summer for six hours, starting at 9 am you can find ‘Bargain on the Bricks’. A community yard sale that will tickle the fancy of any yard sale hunter. The adventure of this activity is a blast for the whole family. Experience the thrill of finding those unexpected treasures.

About 15km. from Gurgaon, is the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, A variety of migratory birds can be spotted here around the natural lake. Founded by Dr. Salim Ali, it is a real treat for the eyes of passionate bird watchers. There are about 100 species of birds found here and the watch towers and a museum are also attractions for curious tourists. Winter is the best time for a visit to this sanctuary. The next tourist spot is the Damdama Lake which is a very pretty and eye catching spot. The Water Banks is a luxurious resort that provides all the comforts and water sports like hot air ballooning and boating facilities.

Thames River Cruise is a fun and relaxing way to get an overview of London without too much planning. Picture this, your family relaxing on the deck of a boat that cruises along a river embedded in London. As you pass each landmark, a professional guide explains to your family its historical significance. Since the top is open deck, you can take as many photos as you want of each landmark. No need for pre-trip planning, no need for getting lost in a new city, and no need for endless miles of walking.

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