College Football Scores For 2009 Have More Surprises In Week 3

Some might find it surprising to learn that NASCAR is one of the most popular televised sports in the United States of America. For those few who are unfamiliar with the sport, it is a form of auto racing known as Stock Car racing. Its birth came from the moon shining days of the old south when the southern boys would rig up their cars to evade the police, and eventually it became a competition to see who could be the better driver and have the best car. Those days are over now, and the drivers race around various tracks in the circuit. The tracks consist of short track, long track, road course, and super speedway. With your satellite dish you can have every NASCAR race available in stunning HD in your living room.

Twenty-one people have gotten sick from E. coli between July 20 and October 10, in incidents that may be related to the pizzas. The people were from Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vinyl Replacement Window Virginia, and Wisconsin. All of them have recovered.

It’s not just getting to and from work that matters. Oregeonlive reports on the fact that a growing number of businesses are building cargo bikes right into their business plans. Don’t believe it can work? Consider, for example, Pedal People, a bike hauling outfit that I wrote abut recently. Opposing Views has more details.

If Florida and Alabama keep winning, they will meet in the SEC title game and the winner will get one title game bid. The winner will face Texas, if the Longhorns stay undefeated. However, Texas hasn’t looked that impressive the last two weeks. Therefore, the BCS standings 2009 will be interesting, if only to see if Texas is that far ahead of teams that aren’t Florida and Alabama.

2). Wilt Chamberlain (1959-1974). Before NBA centers like Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing and Shaquille O’Neal dominated the low-post area, there was the 7-foot-1, 275 pound Wilt Chamberlain. Chamberlain was a superior athlete during his era who actually played professional volleyball after his pro basketball career ended in 1974. Because of his physical frame and athletic skills, some say watching Chamberlain play basketball was like watching a man play against boys. Many of the records he set during his NBA career will most likely never be broken.

The point of his letter was that people’s sins will eventually find them out. You can try to run from them all you want, but you can’t hide, as they will ultimately catch up with you. This is a biblical concept with which I completely agree.

“Almost Heaven” offers a deceptively easy reading experience. Although it delivers a well-told story, it also carries deep truth within its pages. Fabry has written another winner.

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