Domestic Violence Killed A Young Arlington Police Officer And It Can Kill You

The Concord police blotter report is generated to provide the Concord community and surrounding areas with information regarding arrests and crime related activities as they happen in order to keep the citizens of Concord informed.

The best thing for someone to do is not to fight back unless you think that your life may be endangered, but do protect yourself. Please report all abuse that happens to you or someone else; it may just save someone’s life. There are many services that can and will help someone find another place. To report any and all cases of domestic violence call 1-800-650-6522. The people that answer the phone do care about you as a person and they care about your safety. sexual assault research happens every nine seconds of every day.

The next step is to act on it! If you are being abused make a plan, seek out the help of family, friends, shelters, therapists, the police and the courts. They are all there to help you. If you are a friend or family member offer your home as a safe haven, give her cab fare, help make the plan, support her emotionally and physically, be there for her! Most importantly, never judge her, you can never know what a person has endured until you walk in their shoes. She has probably survived things that are unfathomable to you.

We are always in control of the things we invite to come into our minds. If we were to improve the music the listen to, the radio, TV shows and the books we read; we are programming ourselves a better way of thinking and inviting better experiences.

It is the presence of love – the most important thing in making your decision. Ask yourself: “I know how I love? If I could make love? Do I know what love is? “I must say that in the West view of the relationship between the sexes are different than in Russia. We, Russian women are romantic. Deep down we all dream of a romantic hero, some a mixture of a knight without fear and without reproach, and Hollywood’s Superman. I suggest you leave it in the novels and videos. Romantic love is not for the family.

We can change the quality of the material we face. We can improve the quality of the magazines, books or movies that we bring into our lives. You can be the marvelous person you always dreamed of, if you decide to do so. Everyone has something that they can improve, here and there, we are not perfect. However, you are the only one entitled to make that change…

3) What theoretical perspective do you conceptualize your couples with? There are two very well known theoretical perspectives designed specifically for working with couples. They are Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) and IMAGO therapy. If the therapist does not incorporate a theory then they will have no idea where they are going with the couple and you will be wasting precious resources and time in their care.

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