Finding A Doggy Daycare Center

So while Brenner’s ankle bracelet saves his life we are left wondering, if not Lumen, who then was the blonde he was describing in lurid detail to Dexter? Why does he figure on traveling north (i.e., Minnesota) once he is eligible to leave the state? Is there more of a connection between Robert Brenner’s character Lumen than this episode is trying to lead us to believe?

The dramatic play area is supposed to be a learning center for children to use their imaginations and pretend play. By providing a variety of items and toys to play with, your kids can keep busy for a while, engaging in productive play. Although my kids in my classroom are only a year old, it amazes me how they use their imaginations and imitate me, as shown in their play. Watching them play is a lot of fun!

I first became aware of this problem when my law firm was contacted by a distraught mother whose 2 year old child was severely injured on the playground at his daycare charlotte center when some older children decided to play a joke on him.

In this economy, many states and municipalities are feeling pressured to let go of some programs that have worked for years. But the thing is, the budget is something that can be cut in other areas. Maybe these lawmakers should consider some pay cuts. Maybe some road improvement programs can wait until 2010, 2011, or even 2012. But our children are another deal altogether: they cannot wait.

Jonah Hex: The wild west comic book hero is back and trying to stop a terrorist who threatens the planet. Josh Brolin stars as Hex along with Megan Fox and John Malkovich.

But how many parents can afford to have one parent stay at home monitoring, raising, and teaching them? The economy in which we live often requires both parents to work. Therefore there needs to be that support system in the schools–namely preschool–that can support what is being taught at home.

Our children are first, and they deserve to be first. As my late mother once said, “They don’t ask to come here.” We as a society are responsible for educating them to the best of our ability. And it’s not just parents that should be burdened with that job alone. For no man or woman is an island, as the old saying goes. As Hillary Rodham Clinton so eloquently: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Michiganders, if we drop the ball now, we will have really failed our kids.

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