Hot Popcorn Poppers 101

When most people think of food concession trailer, they think of disgusting, unhealthy, and probably not fresh food sold by equally un-fresh people. The sound of annoying musical horn from a dirty truck, pulling up to a construction site is not the sound of fresh food being delivered. Mobile catering has gotten a dirty name over the years, but that is not the whole picture.

Bengston Tree Farm. Cut your own tree. Saws provided. Print coupon on website for free tree shaking and baling. Accept only cash or check. 10919 W. Wilmington Road, Peotone. 708.258.9610.

Ultimately, you can find the range of styles, prices and fabrics at the Theater Seat Store. We have expert consultants available now to discuss your theater seating needs, so give us a call.

The Faire is truly a good time for everyone from babies on up, and the price is reasonable: $14 for adults, $7 for children 5-17, and kids under 5 are free. It’s affordable even for those large blended families, and well worth it for a day of fun for all!

The food is amazing, from authentic medieval fare like turkey legs, fish & chips, and Kettle Corn Concession to typical ‘fair’ fare, like italian sausages, corn dogs, and fried pickles.

If the kernels do not fully pop, it could mean they are too dry. To remedy this, simply place the kernels in a glass jar and add two tablespoons of waterand shake. In two to three days, they should have a high enough moisture content to pop up full and fluffy. Store popcorn in a sealed jar and use as needed.

For your customers, they want a different experience. That is why they are frequenting an independent theater, instead of a big chain. These customers are looking for a community feeling instead of a faceless corporation. But they also want the comfort and convenience of a larger theater.

Besides, I am a huge fan of meritage; a blend using at a minimum Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc…a typical Bordeaux blend. My gracious host spent some time in the wine business; and as he indicated, I hope and pray he will be my best patron at my wine bar slated to open in May 2010. I hope I don’t miss the Derby…well; there’s no chance of that.

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