How To Know What Small Business To Start

You might be thinking that my title would get a response from Homer Simpson (Doh!), but too many teams try to do Scrum or Agile in a rigid and prescriptive way. There are a couple of main reasons that I see this. The first is the desire for new teams to “do” Scrum right when they are new to Scrum. I resemble that feeling! On my first Scrum project (several years ago) I defended the process against change rather than being open to process change. Oh well, we all have to learn somehow!

The person driving the vehicle needs to be the person renting it. If you rent a moving truck, and let someone else drive it. Should they have an accident, you will be financially responsible. Therefore, if you rent a moving truck or van for someone else, you should drive it also.

Making your Resume too Busy. Your resume should be easy to read. Use no more than 2 fonts. Use 10, 11, or 12 point Times New Roman or Arial. Those are the easiest fonts and sizes to read. Bold and underline only to highlight a new section or very important information. Keep margins at 1 inch.

Definitely look at your closet before choosing a briefcase. It is important to try to coordinate it with your wardrobe and to consider what your shoes and belts look like as well. Black and particular colors of brown can be very refined and adaptable to your wardrobe. You should consider the briefcase as part of your wardrobe rather than just something you carry in your hand. You want the briefcase to send the message that you are a successful, confident, intelligent businessman. Your shoes, belt, and briefcase should all be coordinated.

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Before renting a moving truck, you need to comparison shop. Call three or four local moving companies and ask for rates for your specific dates. Trucks will be priced based on supply and demand. If the moving company has a large fleet and is not overbooked, your price will be lower. It will take some investigation to find out who will charge what on which days. Try to avoid moving on the first or last day of the month, and in the August to September, or May-June seasons as most people move on these dates which raises the price of the rental.

People in Okinawa and other long living cultures eat lots of fruit. And cars are not plentiful there, so they often walk where they are going. These cultures need to be studied because they are doing something right. America needs to get rid of the complications of daily life and go back to a simpler time; stress and depression are killers, eat more fruits, and if you have a destination that you can walk to, if it’s a nice day, try walking. The answer is not complicated it’s quite simple. Relax and Enjoy your life.

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