How To Winterize Your Hot Tub

Hot Tub owners, I thought it would be good to start by describing a task that is often overlooked and costly over time. I’m talking about maintenance of your spa’s cartridge filter. If you don’t already know, cartridge filters are a cylindrical shaped, pleated polyester that is bound at top and bottom by molded plastic. Filters are usually located in a “bay” or “compartment” on inside or top part of your spa’s shell. Sometimes they have a “weir” or “basket” that covers the opening where the water intake is as to trap the largest debris before it even reaches the cartridge filter.

As time passes, particles in a sand filter will smooth out due to wear and tear of water flow. When this happens, filtration efficiency of sand pool filters will decrease. It is then recommended that you change the sand in your filter. There are varying opinions on how often this should be done. On the average, it takes about five years for sand pool filters to require changing. You may have heard of sand filters going more than 20 years without changing sand. This may still work depending on usage and maintenance but the efficiency is no longer the same as it was several years ago. It will take more cycles to clean up pool water cartridge filter if your sand pool filter is more than 20 years old.

What can you expect to find in your tap water? A cocktail of bacteria (including that for e coli), pollutants, prescription drugs, heavy metals, chlorine and VOCS (volatile organic chemicals). Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Higher capacity models are recommended if you have a workshop or garage where larger spills occur. A large capacity tank will decrease the number of times that you have to empty the tank.

A sand filter also must be cleaned typically every 2-4 weeks just like a cartridge filter. A sand filter is a much easier system to clean though. On all sand filters there is a valve located on top of the filter that says backwash. In order to clean the filter you simply turn off your pump turn your filter to backwash then turn your pump back on and watch the filter clean itself. A discharge hose from the side of the filter will pump out dirty water and once the water turns back to clear your filter is clean. It’s that simple. This will typically take you about 5 minutes or less.

You can first check on the instructions in the filter product on how to reverse water flow from the filter. Next you will have to replace sand in a crushed sand filter for at least every three years. Replacement depends on the lengthy usage of the pool and other contaminants in the pool. Every three times a year, you need to replace many parts of your swimming filter pool. You should be able to find grid structure system which is more efficient than other parts of the filter. The replacement should be more efficient and durable so that you are guaranteed that cleaning your pool will be thorough.

If you didn’t change the oil and filters in the generator prior to storage this is a good time to do it. Inspect the generator exhaust system for damage prior to starting. Start and run the generator for two hours with at least a half rated load on it. Consult the generators owner manual for load ratings.

After reading all these quick facts you should understand a lot more about these spas. In you would like to learn more about owning and maintaining an inflatable spa you can read some of my other articles and documents and spas.

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