Keep Your Family Safe On The Internet With Windows Live Family Safety

Surely you’ve come across all kinds of free gift card offers online. You were probably thinking oh, that’s too good to be true. Who’s going to just give away a free gift card with amounts ranging from $250 up to even $1,500? Yeah, right. Well, you’d be surprised. Free gift cards are legitimate and are given away on a regular basis.

I did some comparisons over a few weeks using all four of my email addresses and you would be shocked at the amount of spam that I have received in all of my Inbox’s. Yahoo got the most junk mail, with Hotmail a close second, Gmail was pretty good and Excite blew them all out of the water. I also have attribute Gmail’s lack of junk with the fact I have had the address less than a year and only use it with my Google related projects. (which isn’t much).

Details about your mail and news accounts are stored in the registry. To find them, start RegEdit and select the “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet Account Manager” key from the left panel. To save this data, from menu select: Registry ; Export Registry File. Save the file to a name like “accounts.reg”.

The initial message you write or receive should be short. Long first messages will not get read. Neither will a message that is too short. Men, please remember don’t give a women a superficial few words like “your beautiful”, “hot lady call me” or “I love your picture” from an online stranger these messages mean nothing, in fact worse than nothing. Whatever you write remember people are interested in people that are interested in them. Women on the whole are not interested in what car you drive, how much money you have or the fact that you wrestled crocodiles. Yes they want a man, but they want one who is interested in them. The material stuff comes second, anyone can be rich or strong but that does not make them a great partner.

Sign into your outlook and open your in-box. When you have done that, locate “Options” on the extreme right of the page. It will be the button between “Messenger” and “?”. Click on the “Options” button and a new menu will appear. We want the heading at the bottom of the menu that reads “More Options.” The third Major Heading in bold type and larger font says, ” Junk E-Mail.” Click the heading underneath this that says: “Filters and Reporting.” You will now see a new menu that says: “Choose a Junk Mail Filter”. Please pick “Exclusive.” Under the next heading on this same menu where it says “Delete Junk Mail” select, “Later”. The third option in the Junk E-Mail menu lets you choose whether or not to report junk to MSN. I report the junk mail, but it’s up to you.

Then along comes little Johnny with a face full of pimples and a slingshot in his back pocket and an IQ well below 100. Johnny decides: “Nuh, don’t want this stuff no more.” So he hits the SPAM button and jets off on his skateboard with a can of spray paint in his hand looking for a wall to deface with his tag.

If you think that manual backup is too hard, you can use a backup software tool, which can make the job much easier. Outlook Express Backup Expert is one product that can be used to easily create Outlook Express backups. It can save your emails, attachments, address book, signatures, blocked list, mail rules, stationery, accounts and settings. The biggest advantage to use automatic email backup software is the schedule function, which will create backups at specified time intervals, without user action. The downside of using a automatic email backup utility is that it costs money, usually about 20-30 USD as one time payment, while the manual backups are of course, free.

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