Kids And Credit Cards: Teach Your Kids Money Smarts

There is plenty to do in Durham, North Carolina for the 2009 Memorial Day weekend. Here are some possibilities for spending a fun holiday weekend with family and friends.

While working a live benefit auction this week, a charity non profit donations was selling a book that was signed by the author. Since the value of the book was insignificant and the author was unknown, it was not appropriate for a live auction. It was just a book. However, the organization requested that I sell it anyway.

The organization was started in 1984 by this author who at the time was a young mother with two children. The Mothers Center, a support and resource center located in New York, obtained a grant to help Mothers start centers in their communities. This author read about the grant and obtained a copy of the “how to manual” for starting these centers for mothers. Manual in hand, an 800 phone number offering support and guidance, and with the help of other interested Moms, The Mothers Connection (TMC) was incorporated as a charitable non profit organization in North Palm Beach in September 1984. This author developed and ran the organization for three years, and after the birth of her third child she turned the reins over to a new president.

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of situations that appear as if they can’t be changed. World hunger to me is a colossal problem that makes me so overwhelmed but it isn’t an “it is what it is” situation. I may not be able to solve world hunger by myself with my limited resources, but I can certainly do something about it; donate to the local food bank, volunteer at a soup kitchen, bring meals to the elderly, or countless other ways. My actions may not solve world hunger, but they certainly work towards alleviating the symptoms of it.

This fun-filled evening will help to fund CAP’s many projects, including help with utility bills and energy saving, help for the homeless and fighting poverty.

Let this column unequivocally state that Holley, New York’s values are just plain wrong! The last thing we want to see is encouragement for kids and adults alike to kill innocent animals and carry a killer’s mentality throughout society. Change your thinking Holley and join the twenty-first century.

Chances are that if you’ve approached your organization willing to raise funds you were greeted with smiles and sincere words of gratitude. Mark that moment in your mind (or imagine it if it didn’t happen). When fundraising seems challenging, return to that moment and KNOW that every bit of energy that you put forth is making a difference.