National Police Test Prep

SFC John Publish is home from the area. This is the final of his posts about his mentoring group packing up and coming home. To John.thank you for doing the difficult function this final year and thank you for allowing the readers to have a glimpse into what you and your group have been doing.

Anyone who studied background knows what occurred next. They know of the riots, the arrests of 1000’s, the slave labor camps, the suspension of the Constitution, the police check victoria power under the command of Homeland Security. They know how the government nationalized all television stations, all communication businesses and tried to shut down the internet. They know how there was a complete blackout of any information not favorable to the new authorities and how Americans had been able to send and receive information to and from the relaxation of the world by way of the internet.

WAYNE: Completely, they still have a great deal of DNA review, nonetheless part of the ongoing investigation into the case. This is kind of unusual. because usually when you go to demo you have that kind of thing wrapped up, but not in this situation. There are just so numerous DNA samples. The evaluation is why they had been about to transfer the 27th lady ahead, simply because they found her DNA out on the farm.

Those of the National Guard who had been also Totally free Masons, still left their posts and joined up with the military. They had been able to identify which fellow Guardsmen were loyal to the President and these faithful to the Constitution. The ex-army men donned the Nationwide Guard’s uniforms and took their location ‘guarding’ American citizens.

TODD: So it is heading to be difficult to develop a profile for this Jane Doe so that we can identify her. Pretty much just DNA findings. I know you gave me a quantity before of how many DNA test samples had been taken at the farm?

I stroll over, put on my best friendly and relieved smile, and offer him my hand. He needs my papers. I showed him the import doc, and my Worldwide Drivers License. He needs more. I cough up my California Motorists License. He wrote some things down and tends to make some hand gestures. His accent is so thick I can’t comprehend what he is stating. I even produced ticket creating gestures. My time in South America had only added to the mad skillz at charades I had developed in Iraq. He walked absent, I questioned what that is all about but received on the bike and rode it to the hotel. Right previous him.

Ex President Smith and all his cohorts were attempted in a courtroom of law and discovered guilty of treason and sedition. Congress allowed all of them to be sent to the Hague where they had been discovered responsible of crimes towards humanity. Their hangings had been telecast around the world.

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