Top 5 Best Kaskade Songs You Don’t Want To Miss

Twitter is an excellent medium for conversations, finding real-time information, building a community and most especially a powerful marketing tool for business.

Those who feel scared had better go with friends. To be frank, sometimes I feel scared for the wild animal either. So to the most I will get ready all the equitement, including a sturdy waterproof tent, a day pack, a warm sleeping bag, enough clothes, flashlights with spare bulbs and batteries, a knife and etc. Usually when camping, I will inform my family in case that I am missing in the wild.

Most importantly, record. Record demos and release them. Make videos and put them up online. What you are vying for these days is not only an audience’s cash, but their attention. Attention is the new century’s commodity. Some acts rely strongly on online stunts to get their online audience’s attention. A good example of this is Die Antwoord (South Africa’s crazy and controversial “rap-rave” act headed by the enigmatic Waddy Jones of Max Normal fame) which recently leapt into the international arena in a matter of days with their viral videos comically portraying South Africa’s ‘trashy’ side. They were featured on BoingBoing and signed a major deal with Interscope Records not a month later.

Blogging is not a very easy task. It takes patience and hard work to earn a decent amount of audience around the internet. With so many blogs just popping up overnight, yours must stand-out from the rest of it. And to make it possible, there are certain things that you must consider to gain that edge.

This gem of a remix did not make it on the commercial release of Robyn’s album, but, this track is definitely “hands in the air,” and the drop is fantastic. This one can be found on Kaskade’s soundcloud banner dimensions page.

Our only warning would be that you make sure that you run the remix contest properly. To do this you need to judge the remix entries because if you allow a public vote it could get abused and it becomes a popularity contest rather than a remix contest as the winner will just be the one who could get the most friends to vote for their remix.

The most important thing entertainers and musicians need to learn these days is that the days of big record deals are behind them. If you’re in an act and are looking for exposure, you need to know how to use the internet. You need to know how to think on your feet and discover new platforms to find and follow your audience. All of this might seem quite dull or depressing to some, but it’s an exciting new world to play in. There’s a shift in the industry and it hasn’t settled yet; we’re sure to see some new movements in the next few years. Keep playing and build your brand.

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