2 Easy Ways To Make Money Online… Even If You’re Flat Broke

There are many ways to get backlinks, and some of the most effective ones are unfortunately not free. That’s why Google is making a very decent income out of its Adsense program. Apart from paid traffic though, there are other good and free avenues to generate backlinks that are essential for the promotion of your website or blog.

Step 7) Create an informative, interesting or funny video. The video needs to create a “Buzz” for those who watch it, so they ‘Like’ it and recommend it to others. You can upload a video from your mobile devise wordpress blogs or create a video using Windows Movie Maker which is Free! Or for Mac users you can use ‘Screen Flow’ or ‘iMovie.’ Upload your video to your YouTube channel and also post it to the Social Media sites. Make sure you include a link to your website.

You need to have at least one unique value that you can offer in order to develop a money-making business. In the examples above I’ve given you ideas of unique values such as cheaper prices wordpress blog design specialized small reports or specialized membership site.

There are many other places to do this, but this is an excellent beginning. If you use all of these, combined with the automatic links, you will be well under way to making money blogging.

Sem-theme-pro-ad-2This is one of the reasons why I like both Bluehost and Host Gator. To do this step – phone their customer service department, tell them you want to install a Mer information blog and ask them to talk you through the process, which they will do. In ten minutes flat, you will have your own WordPress blog set up and ready to storm the blogosphere with. What I will say is – if you have chosen a different hosting company, make sure they have one click installations for WordPress.

The big affiliate marketers who are really earning money on this product have long email lists of potential customers. This is probably the best way on how to earn money as an affiliate. The problem is that it takes time to build a list. The big guys have been around for years and they have long lists.

I beg all WordPress users to take emergency steps to protect themselves starting today! While I have listed what can be done in this article there is so much more that wasn’t covered so I highly recommend that you take the time to research the resource I will mention in my bio below because it is how my friend and I are now protecting ourselves from the WordPress attack and hack.