Free Job Posting Sites In India

There it is again, your cell phone ringing in the middle of the night with caller-id showing just a number that you don’t recognize. If you do answer it nobody is there or they tell you they called the wrong number. Or you have a name but you don’t have the number that goes with that name. How do you contact that person if you can’t find their phone number in the Yellow Pages or by using information? Your only option is to do a free cell phone trace.

Craigslist is the number one classified sites like craigslist on the web. It’s full of visitors who are looking for special offers. So posting your ad here can bring huge dividends.

Adwords. Now many of you will say I’ve tried Google AdWords and I just lost money! Well if you use Google AdWords try not using keywords and try demographics so you can target the age, country, gender yearly income and even pick what sites you want to advertise on!

Pay per click has been around for a long time. But Google has made an art form of it. They let customers set up free accounts, then they charge customers by way of auctioning (or what is the top price they are willing to pay) for positioning of their local classified ads site in the Google Network. For instance, say you are selling toys online. You want it so that anytime someone searches for the expression, “toddler toys” on the Google Network that your ad is displayed on the results page to be clicked on. Your ad might be titled, “The Best Toddler Toys” with two quick description lines and a clickable link to your website.

Write a very fine, descriptive, and enticing subject or headline. Your headline is especially crucial because this is the vital thing that customers will see into your listings. Customers form an impression of your ad through your headline so you ought to be sure that it truly is free from spelling problems. They need to understand what they can be reading about if he or she decide to click upon your ad itself. The key recommendations to tell the customer “what’s to be had for him”.

Sometimes this will stop them altogether, and it may cause others who may be promoting the same product to take action as well (eg, contacting the guilty party’s host company, domain name registration provider, sites they’re advertising on, etc.).

Ok, this concludes making a living off the Internet with pay per click. As time moves forward, I will write on more ways you can make money using different techniques.

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